Loyalty and Insurance Products
Overflow Services Loyalty and Insurance Products

Our range of products from Lifestyle offerings to FSB approved and regulated products make Overflow a preferred partner to other businesses within our industry.

We have developed our Insurance products to have low premiums, excellent customer support and service. Our FSB products are marketed through our in-house accredited and registered Financial Service Provider. Our insurance products include Funeral, Medical and Legal Cover.

Along with our Insurance Products, we have Unique Lifestyle Products that will benefit our members in every aspect of life.

Overflow Business Holdings - Financial Assist

Financial Assist

Wouldn’t less stress be great? Or even better…complete Financial Freedom? We have helped many of our clients gain Financial Security and with our Authorized Financial Solutions you will be well on your way towards easing the pressure on your pocket.

Overflow Business Holdings - Funeral Assist

Funeral Assist

We have a Bereavement Cover that is affordable and will support members and their family through the most difficult times in life. We have included R 10 000 Medical Evacuation and 24/7 Medical Assistance to make this package comprehensive and unique.

Overflow Business Holdings - Home Assist

Home Assist

Wouldn't it be great to start saving money on costly home repairs or monthly Home Insurance? There is no waiting period and you can start saving today. Your home is your sanctuary and you have worked hard to set up your house and everything in it.

Overflow Business Holdings - Legal Assist

Legal Assist

Legal IQ cover for up to R 200 000 for all Legal matters and in court representation as well as Business Lawyers for cover up to R 500 000 for all Business Legal matters and in court representation.

Overflow Business Holdings - Lifestyle Assist

Lifestyle Assist

One of our exclusive products renowned for its excellent Assist Services and brilliant back up support to our consumers, Golden Rewards, is an Assist and Lifestyle Benefit Program allowing you to Live More and Spend Less!

Overflow Business Holdings - Medical Assist

Medical Assist

Our Medical Product includes Hospital Pay Out, Life Support Cover and 24/7 Medical Assistance all valued at R 50 000.

Overflow Business Holdings - Roadside Assist

Roadside Assist

Roadside breakdowns has certainly effected even the best of us, majority of South Africans face moments stranded on the side of the road, where a 24/7 support system that will send immediate response is on their top wish list.

Overflow Business Holdings - Security Assist

Security Assist

A complete network of Security with integrated products and services aiming to make you feel safe wherever, whenever you are - whether at home, on the road or out and about. Response to an emergency is only one click away offering you continuous peace of mind.

Overflow Business Holdings - Travel Assist

Travel Assist

Travel can be expensive but with the amazing travel platforms brought to you by Oversure, you can get from A to B for less; holiday and travel saving has never been easier! Searching for the best flight deal to Mauritius? Need an apartment for a week in Zanzibar?