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International Express is committed to negotiating the best deals for its members. The advantage of being an International Express Member is that we offer national and international online bookings at discounted rates with an instant response on all our offers. Discounts are offered on all accommodation, flights and car rentals.

With our team of friendly and professional customer driven agents, exceptional networking structures with local and international partners and adhering to our exceptional business acumen and ethics, we can offer unrivalled discounts on packages and vouchers to meet our member’s needs. Rewards Vouchers offers over 14,700 amazing discounted vouchers via our affiliated partners which are available at your fingertips!


As a Panic Life Assist member you will be spoilt for choice with our diverse range of Assist Services which include 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Medical Assist Access, Legal Assistance, Bail Protection, Home Drive and Staymobile which can be accessed via your cell phone or the call centre on 0861 388 889 and a consultant will gladly assist you.


As a Golden Rewards member you will be spoilt for choice with access to a wide selection of great savings, shopping benefits and much more! Our VIP concierge desk is able to assist with any request that you may have - whether you’re sourcing new tyres for your car or looking for a local landscaper.

Moreover, let us know where you’d like to go and how you’d like to get there and we’ll have all your arrangements sorted for you. Alternatively you may make use of our great travel aggregator in the comfort of your own home. In addition, members also have access to over 14,700 active discounted vouchers to choose from via Rewards Vouchers.

Choose from a diverse range of Assist services which include 24/7 Roadside Assistance & Medical Assist Access, Home Assistance, HIV & Trauma Assistance, Bail Protection, Legal Assistance, Tutor Assistance, Funeral Assistance as well as Loan Assistance.

To make use of your Golden Rewards Assist & Lifestyle benefits, please kindly contact us on 0861 666 559 and a consultant will gladly assist you.

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Although it got off to a relatively slow start, ecommerce is now the largest retail environment growth area in the world. Everything from gifts, books and perfume through to the weekly grocery shopping can be bought online.