Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

The  advice Service is a powerful, dynamic product through which we provide a comprehensive legal assistance service to the individual and his/her immediate family.


Services Provided

24-hour Legal Assistance

The advice service is a broad-based legal assistance service provided to the public. Qualified lawyers and legal consultants as well as academics provide the service. The service comprises:

• A 24-hours telephonic legal advice line;
• A legal document service; and
• A direct legal consultation service
• Letter of demand
• Find a lawyer


Members and their immediate family have on-going access to a 24-hour legal advisory service on any aspect of the law such as criminal law, family law, insurance law, child law, labour law, motor law, etc. The member and his immediate family is entitled to utilise the advice service as frequently as required provided that the assistance shall be furnished to the member directly and only on legal matters pertaining to the member and in his or her personal capacity.

Free standard legal documents

If a member requires a purchase/sale, lease agreement, power of attorney, will, domestic employment agreement, ante-nuptial agreement, etc. we will provide these free at his or her request. The member will also be advised on the application of each of these documents and the procedures and principles that apply.

30-minute free consultation

This service involves a free initial 30-minute consultation should any matter require legal action. The member will then be referred to a lawyer who forms part of our national network for a direct free 30-minute consultation. After the 30-minute consultation the member can then decide whether or not to continue with that specific lawyer’s services at a fee structure agreed to between himself and the lawyer. Such fees will be for the member’s account. The free 30-minute consultation service is available at a lawyer that is situated within the magisterial district where the member resides. This consultation facility is limited to one consultation per matter.

Letter of demand

The  legal call centre will write a letter of demand on behalf the Club member. This is limited to 1 letter per event.

Find a Lawyer

If a matter is of such a nature that the member has to consider litigation, our Legal team of experts will assess all the facts and circumstances and research the matter thoroughly in order to ascertain which way a case should be approached and we will then suggest 2 top attorneys firms which will be the best for the job. This benefit includes expert investigation and research into the matter in order to empower a member to make the correct decision when choosing an attorney. Overflow Legal therefore assists the member towards finding the right lawyer for his/her problem.

Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Legal resources and assistance is available and accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days.

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