About StayMobile

Stay-Mobile undertakes to provide a courtesy car to a valid member of the service if the
member’s vehicle needs to have a warranty repair at a recognized service centre. The courtesy vehicle will be delivered to the member within 24 hours.

Stay-Mobile is a product that is designed to give you the assurance of being mobile in the event his vehicle is under warranty and needs repairs due to a breakdown.


In the event that the insured vehicle breaks down and the vehicle is under warranty we will provide a hired vehicle for maximum of 5 days.


Warranty Hire
Hire will commence once the Call Centre has been notified of the breakdown
The period will terminate on the day the insured car is returned or 5 days after service commenced whichever is the sooner
Conditions: Vehicle must have a warranty with a recognised motor dealer. Limited to 2(two) incidents per year.
A Group A vehicle is supplied which is equivalent to a 1.3 vehicle with no airconditioner.

Included in cover

   - Unlimited kilometres
   - One additional driver
   - VAT
   - Tourism levy
   - Drop of Charge
   - Airport Surcharge

Costs not covered

   - Fuel deposit.
   - Delivery costs.
   - Excess in event of accident.
   - Fines.
   - Claims Handling fee.

Please take note that the call centre is available to support a claim Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm (Excluding public holidays and weekends). Any claims made outside these hours will only be attended to during the above mentioned working hours.

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